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Thread: Around the World in 80 plays

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    Default Around the World in 80 plays

    When I arrived home from work today there was a large box on my front porch...I hadn't ordered any ukes, so I couldn't imagine what it could be...
    I took it inside and although I am very tired, I opened it...It is a little banjolele that is going around the world...there are names all over it...I played it and will send it on the way again! Pix later...
    It's supposed to be sent to UWC members only, but Alan was kind enough to include me...just because I talk so much, I guess...
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    Aloha Nickie,
    Waaaa only UWC wonder it has not hit the islands....oh darn.....yes post you are finished work already..kinda early eh....happy strummings
    thank you for sharing...
    Making music is a gift in itself, and when you can share it is your gift to others

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