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Thread: Electric Ukulele bridge (steel strung) making tutorial

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    Default Electric Ukulele bridge (steel strung) making tutorial

    I promised a few people some time back I'd have these made up for me but It was not cost effective so what I have done is make a simple tutorial to show how to make a small fender style bridge for a steel strung ukulele, all the measurements are included in the video:

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    Here is what one of these steel strung Electric Ukuleles sound like:

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    This is an excellent tutorial for making bridges. It's a great sense of accomplishment when you're able to build most parts that others often buy. I've built thousands of bridges over the years, and most people don't realize what goes in to building them. I do a batch of about 100 once a year. I have a few simple jigs that puts me at about 10 minutes per bridge. I'll try and post photos of my process in a couple days. Excellent job.

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    Like to see that Andrew! I make acoustic bridges one at a time and could do myself with batch making and jigs.

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