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Thread: Truly Inspirational.

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    Default Truly Inspirational.

    Just copying this email to you for inspiration:

    I'm 12 years old and have recently been constructing a ukulele to develop my woodworking skills in order to build a guitar at some point. I'd build ukulele necks before and used cigar boxes for the body however I wad never made a proper body. Your videos have been really helpful and inspirational in demonstrating techniques and I constructed a jig for gluing the top and back in a very similar way to yours. The body is made from walnut and the top and back look good but the sides have a lot of flats which I figured could be down to the wood being flat sawn or the steel cylinder I was using as a bending iron not being hot enough. Perhaps you may be able to provide an answer?

    What finishes for an instrument would you recommend for somebody who has just started building instruments ? I would like something glossy however I'm concerned it will be difficult to get good results.
    I gave the advice and offered her and her parents a free masterclass in bending. Couldn't not do it could I?

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    That is a nice gesture Pete!

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    Pete, what a nice gesture! That's very kind of you. Well done.
    Tobin Crooks

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    Ukes with kids is the reason I have been reading this site. I teach middle school woodshop, some students in this age group are just the best. Still kid enough to be a little silly and fun, but old enough to switch it off and get serious with a tool. The few students who have an idea to make something and the drive to do it, I can't help but get behind them 100%. I have done some CBG's with them, but they still feel like a toy, and I believe the satisfaction to work ratio is drastically lower than just making a real uke. I have also done many kalimbas (thumb pianos) with them, very popular, as well as a couple of marimbas. My summer work now is to set up to make parts for parent child groups to build from any level, from kit assembly to scratch. Each year I have done a demo with the fox bender, then I bring in the hot pipe and let them try it a bit. I lucked into some boxwood strips for wainscotting, 1/8 x 2", I thin them to .070 and have a stack for the kids to try, which means break most of the time, but a few will have the determination to keep trying until they can make a nice curve. If you can set this student up with some similar practice strips to take with her I am sure it will be appreciated. I just had my last day on Friday, and the 2 students who convinced their parents to buy them scroll saws were given all the wood left in the shop for their summer projects, and my contact info in case they need more. As much satisfaction as I received from completing my first guitar is relatively little compared to the experience of sharing this love with students. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and experience with us here Pete, but the thanks from young students is on a different level.

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    that is wonderful! You are very generous.
    Enjoy life, it's temporary.

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    Inspiration is truly a circular process. There must be nothing nicer than being inspired by those you've inspired.

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    Default Very nice

    A wonderful gesture, Pete.
    - Darrell Roze

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    Chapeau, Pete.

    When someone shows up with an intelligent question, it's our duty as [old guys] to respond in kind. Clearly this young lady has done enough work on her own to post a thoughtful inquiry. She's bringing something to the game. Good on 'ya for seeing that, Pete.
    Harold O.
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