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    Default Baritone Beginner

    Hi all,

    Please accept my apologies if this has been posted before, I'm sure it has, but I am a fresher to the forum and still finding my way around.

    I have recently bought a Lanikai LU21B baritone uke and would like to know a couple of things:

    1) Can I get strings to tune my baritone uke to GCEA, like a concert uke?
    2) If so, will I be able to play the chord charts with the same finger positions as a concert uke?
    3) If I can tune to GCEA where can I purchase the strings? I live in Abu Dhabi and I need a supplier that will post internationally, at a reasonable rate!

    Apologies again if this has been up before..... thanks in advance :-)


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    Manalishi Guest


    Aquila make a set of GCEA strings for Baritone
    At least they did a couple of years ago because
    I got a set to try out!
    They are all plain nylgut,no wound strings included
    in the set.

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    Fantastic - thank you very much. Sorry to be a bit dense but will I then be able to use the same fingering positions on the frets as you would for a Concert.

    Yours ... Very New Ukist!

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    Yes, same chord shapes although it will be the "low G" sound whereas you probably have "high G" on your concert. Living Water also has a custom baritone set for GCEA although I think it is better tuned a little lower - lower tension that way
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    the Southcoast linear set tunes to C on a baritone.I have also used the Aquila, which work well on a laminate like the Lanikai.
    for a comprehensive treatise on strings visit his site. not sure if he ships internationally. I'd ask him.
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    Manalishi Guest


    The Aquilas I had that were GCEA for Baritone
    came with a re-entrant G (High G rather than
    Low G) so everything was exactly the same to
    play as on a soprano or concert.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick Hudson View Post
    Fantastic - thank you very much. Sorry to be a bit dense but will I then be able to use the same fingering positions on the frets as you would for a Concert.

    Yours ... Very New Ukist!
    The traditional Baritone tuning of DGBE uses the same fingering positions as a concert (or a soprano or tenor) just a 5th lower, whether you string it linear (low D) or reentrant (high D). If your only concern was the finger patterns, I'd recommend a set of Southcoast HU-W3 strings and tune to DGBE to have a great reentrant tuned baritone sound. If you'd prefer GCEA -I'd still recommend doing the research on the southcoast website - I'm a huge fan of their strings.
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    I too prefer the DGBE dropped tuned....but if you still like they have GCEA strings....good Luck....
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    Hilo also puts out a baritone string in D,G,B,E. HMS has them. Personally, I like a baritone tuned to either G tuning or Bb tuning. C tuning sounded washed out to me on a bari.

    I have one in Bb and if I want to play in C, I just put a capo on the second fret. Southcoast Strings has a great writeup on strings.

    Yes, the chords would be the same as your concert if the bari. is tuned to C.

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