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Thread: What are your irresistible sing-along songs?

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    I Know What Boys Like by The Waitresses.

    It's pure mouth candy.

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    Hey all!

    I dig the additional recommendations. Y'all rock.

    The original list is updated.

    I also made an Rdio playlist right after I made the original list, and have updated that as well. It's been super fun to listen to, and helps me discover songs that I didn't realize I knew. Hope you enjoy it, too!

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    You are awesome! :we're not worthy!:
    And, haha, thanks, Seeso!


    Note: On the Rdio playlist, I sometimes settled for a non-original version of the song, or couldn't find one available (the latter are noted in the description). If you find one that I've missed, please do leave a comment on the playlist, and I'll correct when I get a chance. Thanks!

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    I have limited experience with playing in a group or for an audience, but I must say that John Denver's Country Roads always gets the biggest response and the most people singing in every situation I've been in. So, maybe consider adding that to your 70's list.

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    I haven't really gotten to do too much in regards to playing the uke for a group (a little bit, but I'm still kinda new to the instrument) however, i have learned a few of my guitar standards on it, especially the ones that fit this topic (can't be helped. always good to have a few good sing-alongs in your repertoire.) That being said, I'm also on the young side, so some of these may be more specific to my age group (20 somethings, basically).

    It was said before, but Country Roads tends to get a good response.
    Kiss Me, by Sixpence None The Richer as well.
    Wonderwall, by Oasis (and I've even managed to get one of the guys from my old college dorm building to do a freestyle rap over my playing it.)
    Hey Baby, by... i don't know (I know... I'm showing my age again... every college marching bander knows it, though.)
    Brown Eyed Girl, (again, was said before, but even at college parties I've gotten LARGE groups singing it)
    ANYTHING by Jimmy Buffet

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    Ain't She Sweet
    Love Me Do
    Five Foot Two
    “If you can't be a good example, then you'll just have to be a horrible warning.” ― Catherine Aird

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    American Pie everyone seems to love singing along
    Hotel California sans the awesome double guitar solo!
    Scooby Doo theme tune
    Puff the Magic Dragon
    and a number of others...

    I'm a relative uke noob so I'm more limited in song choice for now. On guitar there'd be too many to choose from. I hope to get to that point with the uke too.

    Happy strumming!
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    Want that one! And that one! Oh and that one too!

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    Wanna get me to sing? Play Guava Jelly or Surf.

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    We sing to the elderly folks at nursing homes - and wow are they ever appreciative! Here is a list and I have noted the ones they always sing along with:
    1. All I have To Do is Dream*
    2. Amazing Grace*
    3. Calendar Girl
    4. Could I Have This Dance
    5. Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree
    6. Elvira*
    7. Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue*
    8. Give Me That Old Time Religion
    9. Hello Mary Lou
    10. How Great Thou Art*
    11. I Want A Girl (just like the girl that married dear old dad)
    12. I'll Fly Away*
    13. In the Garden (He walks with me and He talks with me…)*
    14. In the Good Old Summertime
    15. In the Sweet By and By*
    16. Just a Closer Walk With Thee*
    17. Moonlight Bay
    18. Old Folks At Home
    19. Roses Are Red (My Love)
    20. Sentimental Journey*
    21. Silver Wings
    22. Sincerely (has a few more chords than I like but I LOVE to sing this song)*
    23. Sixteen Tons - have not tried this one
    24. Tennessee Waltz*
    25. The Old Rugged Cross*
    26. These Boots are Made for Walking
    27. This Land is Your Land*
    28. You Are My Sunshine*
    29. What A Friend We Have in Jesus
    30. Aint She Sweet*
    31. By the Light of the Silvery Moon
    32. Chapel of Love
    33. Hey Good Looking
    34. This Little Light of Mine*
    35. Tonight You Belong to Me

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    UkeTx's list is right on. BTW 16 tons does work.

    My specialty as a performer is getting group participation. I am good at it. I will give some general guidelines then list my favorites.

    I look for popular covers. The top two covers of all time are Somewhere over the rainbow and Silent Night.

    FolkSongs are a winner all around. the simpler the better. If you sing a foreign language folksong its native environment People will quickly join in no matter how poor a job you do. Katyushka works for any language group in the former USSR. Also in this group are any songs you learned at school or camp that you remember. Also Any song where the last line repeats as chorus. Songs where the last two lines of the verse repeat as chorus work too, but not as well.

    Gospel Songs. Even Jews like to sing gospel songs. (no slight intended): I'll Fly Away, Amazing Grace

    Sea Songs whether shantys of forebitters or tinpan alley: What do you do with a drunken sailor, Rolling Down to Old Maui, I've got Sixpence, Popeye the sailor man. Some of these are best done accapella.

    Cowboy Songs: Red River Valley, home on the range, ghost riders in the sky

    Beatles Songs

    Uncle Tommy's Favorite Singalongs
    I've been Working on the Railroad
    I'll Fly Away
    Paradise - J. Prine
    Oh Susanna
    Jingle Bells
    Heart of my Heart
    Five foot two
    Gilligan's Island
    La vie en Rose
    This land is your land
    Battle of New Orleans
    Johnny I hardly knew you aka When Johnny comes marching Home
    Mac the Knife
    Home on the Range
    Rolling Down to Old Maui
    I know you rider
    Star of the county Down
    Four Green Fields
    Lumberjack Song -(monty python)
    I'm my own Grandpa. - chorus only
    Five Constipated Men
    Wagon Wheel
    Country Roads
    Waltz Across Texas - Take note UkeTX
    "Inspire me muse to sing of the wanderer, who sailed the wine dark sea and toppled the towers of Ilium"
    "Make a Joyous Noise"
    "Let there be song to fill the air"

    Uncle Tommy's Holiday Camp

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    Was just going to add County Roads, but Tx beat me to it. Magic Moment is a gooder too.

    UWC: no shirt, no shoes, no problem..

    Ukes questions should be emailed to

    I know Gary Yoshida.

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