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Thread: Guitalele right hand technique

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    Default Guitalele right hand technique

    I keep coming back to this video, trying to suss out what Matthew Andrae is doing with his right hand.

    He appears to be using the first couple of strings as drones, and playing chord roots with his thumb on the fourth to sixth strings. Oh, and tapping on the top with his nails. Whatever he's doing, the complexity and timing is quite impressive.

    Anyone else want to weigh in with their analysis? And how would one go about developing such technique?
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    Without getting too far down in the weeds with the technique, this is based off fairly typical Samba rhythms with some percussive embellishments... but (as always), it is the rhythm that is important. I would suggest you start with some of the Samba guitar tutorials on YouTube to get the rhythmic foundation, then build from there.

    By the way, this makes me glad that I had my local shop order one of the Gretsch guitaleles for me.
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