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Thread: First Arrangement - Quigley Down Under Main Theme

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    Default First Arrangement - Quigley Down Under Main Theme

    Okay, I really like the music for the movie Quigley Down Under. But when I went looking for something I could try on the ukulele, no soap. Basil Poledouris apparently died shortly after the movie came out, and there's no sheet music to be had.

    So I tried to do a tab, and hoped somebody with chops would fix it.

    Nobody got around to that, so, what-the-heck, I gave it a shot.

    I'm almost five months into learning uke-ery, and my playing is, well, that of a five-month-along-so-so-player. This is my first arrangement/tab (it's over in the tab section, and is not quite what the video shows, but not too far off.)

    The tenor uke is by Alan Carruth, an Engelmann Spruce top, Osage Orange back and sides, mahogany neck, and applewood fretboard, low-G tuning, Living Water strings.

    The recording is a Samson USB mike mono straight into QuickTime on my iMac, and the sound isn't tweaked, thought I did add credits, using iMovie.

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    Lovely nice sound too!

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    I love Tom Selleck and this is one of my favorite movies, you the score all the time in tv shows and movies but all I think of is "Roy".

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    Wow, good job....keep it up. Gorgeous uke. Thanks for sharing.

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