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Thread: WTB: 4K1G Koa Tenor! Anyone?

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    Smile WTB: 4K1G Koa Tenor! Anyone?

    Hi all.
    This is my very first time to post here, nice to meet the ukers all around the world

    I am currently having a Honu Bigisland Koa Concert and I love it so much! And yet I would love to get a better tenor to have a better sound for street performance in the future

    Anymore have a relatively new second-hand 4K1G (or others if it sounds good) Koa Tenor Ukulele for sale, please feel free to pm me!

    BTW, I live in Hong Kong and of course I am eager to pay for the shipping charge if the ukulele is a worthwhile one
    Current Ukulele: Honu Bigisland Traditional Concert

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    I guess U come from China because the typical Chinese-Style title 4k1g
    I ever had two ukuleles in China: Samick UK 65 concert ukulele and Snail KOA concert ukulele
    Currently, I am looking for a ukulele in Kyoto
    Location:Kyoto Japan
    Tips: Yue-Wen is my given name, Fang is my family name.

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