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Thread: F/S: Kala "eleuke" concert scale. MGM Prototype

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    Default F/S: Kala "eleuke" concert scale. MGM Prototype


    Please help treat my UAS (Ukulele Acquisition Syndrome). Due to recent acquisitions, the Personal Ukulele Institute must deaccession some holdings. Our loss can be your gain.

    On the block is this extremely rare, and very functional Kala concert scale "eleuke". Built as a special demo for a limited number of dealers, this one is from the collection of Music Guy Mic (aka MGM). It is solid mahogany and works perfectly. Includes a custom Kala gig bag too. It is basically identical to the Eleukes or the new Tetons, but half the price. The main difference between this and the Eleuke is that there is no MP3 input on the Kala. It does have a headphone jack AND a 1/4" amplifier plug. It is an awesome uke. Built to rock and roll through pedals, or to play sweet folk music through an acoustic amp. Also perfect for quiet practising in the office while at work, or late nights when the rest of the family is sleeping.

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    PM sent, thanks!
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    Thank you UU

    I know that you will dig this little baby m!

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