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Thread: Late 1910s Chicago Build Uke of the Supertone Style

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    Default Late 1910s Chicago Build Uke of the Supertone Style

    I have a uke i bought in pretty bad shape from a local auction. I posted about it here earlier in the year.

    I eventually had it restored and then took it with me to the Antiques Roadshow. They were not able to tell me much other it is Chicago made to look like the Supertones of the time.

    The damage on the sound hole is cosmetic only. The sound is still beautiful. I'm selling it because I don't get much time to play, and when I do I prefer to play my guitar. I figured someone would enjoy it far more than I would.

    Please see the original thread to see how it looked before restoration and cleaning.

    This is what it looks like now.

    As you can see there is damage to the sound hole, the bridge, and there is no marking or label. Still it is a wonderful and charming old uke.

    I am asking $450 plus shipping. I've never shipped an old uke before, so I'm trying not to burn myself on that. If you can enlighten me on a reasonable and safe shipping price, then I will work with you.

    If you are near Indiana and want to make a trip or meet somewhere, I am open to that as well.

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    I am willing to discuss any reasonable offer.

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