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Thread: 2014 EleUke Peanut introduction

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    Default 2014 EleUke Peanut introduction

    Hi UUers!
    We are happy to show you our new 2014 version EleUke Peanut.
    Any comment or question welcomed.

    O.K let me put some more explanation on our new electronics.
    In the early time, we were using under saddle piezo pickup with ceramic one but, this kind of pickup
    sometimes makes chinaware breaking sound or uneven sound volume problem because of incomplete
    contact between saddle and pickup surface. we cleared this kind of problem by using flexible cable pickup.

    Also, we made pre-amp very simple by inserting all electronics into endpin jack metal tube to avoid any electrical contact problem
    or electrical noise.
    As you know, more physical contact points in electronics will cause more contact problem I heard some quality
    reports like electronics doesn't work but, suddenly works again while checking some connect point by opening
    back cover.
    I think this kind of problems are all gone by now.

    I decided to eliminate earphone and MP3 input after long time consideration of course these kind of function looks beautiful
    but sometimes, annoying us because of winding cables.
    And I also want to give nuts to copy cats who is making electric ukuleles with earphone and MP3 functions.

    I am now making our new 2014 version with one Japanese owner factory and I will introduce new products actively
    I bet you will like them.

    Thanks for reading
    Philip. K
    BugsGear & EleUke Brand owner
    And acoustic sound designer.
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    I have a 2012 Eleuke Peanut that I know is out of warranty. It played great until just recently when I loaned it to someone who I think replaced the battery and put it in backwards. After correcting that, now all I get is squeals and distortion if . I'm afraid the electronics are fried. Is it possible to purchase a set of electronics that I can replace myself?
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