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Thread: Best Strings For Kanile'a Concert?

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    Quote Originally Posted by HBolte View Post
    I'm happy with Aquillas on my KPE-C. I have some Orca's maybe I'll try sometime.
    What to do make of the KPE? I'm considering getting one. (Sorry to hijack the thread temporarily!)

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    I am thankful for the advice and experiences. I am awaiting completion and delivery of a Kanile’a K-1 C, any day now. I figure I will keep the Aquilas that will come with it for a while, but also that I’ll likely eventually change over to fluorocarbons, my favorites being PHD (Daniel Ho), Worth Clears, and Living Water (which I have ended up doing with every other instrument I’ve gotten with factory-issue Aquilas, to good result). I also just got a couple sets of Fremont Blackline Hard, which I may try on it. As they say, experiment and find out what you like! Once I’ve explored that road, I’ll update on my own impressions.
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    Well, I have a Kanile'a tenor with low g, so not exactly the same beast. I have Living Waters on there right now, which sound really good. I just can't abide Aquila Nylguts. I have a custom uke with Worth Clears, and they sound really good, but the tension is a bit high on the A string for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JSatola View Post
    I am thankful for advice. I am awaiting completion and delivery of a Kanile’a K-1 C. I figure I will keep the Aquilas for a while, but also that I’ll eventually change over to fluorocarbons (which I have ended up doing with every other instrument I’ve gotten with factory-issue Aquilas, to good result).
    You might want to have a look at this thread also:

    In my experience, Kanile'a ukes are one of those on which Super Nylguts actually sound surprisingly good. I just simply can't deal with the rough feel they give my fingers. In my opinion, fluorocarbons are much nicer for the fingers and they're also the most dynamic of the strings. You can get a really nice sparkle out of them if you play them hard but they still retain that typical Kanile'a warmth when played softer. I found that nylon strings sound really nice if you prefer a warmer sound but on a Kanile'a concert they lack a bit of volume which I didn't like. Nylons would probably suit a tenor much better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cigarfan View Post
    I have Living Water (high G) on mine and love the way it sounds. I tried LowG but the nut slot for the fourth string was not cut for a larger string and kept pulling sharp when I would fret the fourth string.

    It sounds so good now I doubt I'll try any other brands on this concert.
    Quote Originally Posted by wickedwahine11 View Post
    Ditto. It is low g for me, but Living Water strings sounded the best on my Kanilea.
    I tried several different strings when I first got my Kanile'a, Living Water are the best! I have high G on mine and Living Water low G on my Martin Iz tenor.
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