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Crap, now adblocker doesn't work with Google+ so I've got annoying ads with every video and at the side of every video. I discontinued "the receive personalized ads" option and now get a super nasty toe fungus ad/photo next to the videos instead, it's got to be intentional punishment for opting out of their personalized ad spying service.

Anyone got a solution?
Yes, there are solutions. The most brutally effective is to add some lines to your hosts file such as
Go ahead and add all of the google ad domains. Here's what you're doing http://winhelp2002.mvps.org/hosts.htm . Mine is now past 20,000 lines, I haven't seen an ad or popup in years.

If you're using Firefox (friends don't let friends use Internet Explorer), install the addin YoutubeCenter. Follow the directions about stopping streaming. Caution, twiddling with the wrong settings will also silence the controls and you'll just have a nonfunctional black box. You'll have to twiddle them back.

Just like Amazon is killing small vendors with its showing of competing pages and ridiculous fees, Google is killing small advertisers with this Google+. G+ is flooding the web with junk ads. My advice on the hosts file will kill ALL the ads, not only on this forum, but on all forums and marketplaces. It is what it has come to.

If Google truly wanted to compete with Facebook, it would fix the unusable mess it created with Google web Pages. But Google doesn't care about FaceBook, no advertiser does. Google just wants ALL the ad revenue. I'm just hoping it doesn't completely screw up Google Mail, although it's most of the way there. Trashing Mail will really make life expensive for small organizations

Google has not only jumped the shark, it has jumped the Fonz.

Aaaaaaaaaaargh /rantoff