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Thread: Eleuke vs. Teton

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm shopping for a solid-body electric ukulele. I am considering the Eleuke SL-T and the Teton electric tenor ukulele, among others. If anyone has experience with either or both of these instruments (or their respective brands), I would appreciate any input or advice! Pros and cons? Which uke do you think is better?

    Thanks! happy Thanksgiving!

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    Have you checked out the RISA LP Tenor? I have one and it's amazing. Super high quality. You think you shrunk your Les Paul and pulled it out of the dryer!
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    Thanks for the suggestion, blue knight! I looked up the RISA Les Paul tenor and wow... what a beauty! It's a bit out of my price range though, and I don't think my playing ability is worthy of such an instrument yet (I'm still a beginner). Great suggestion though!

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