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Thread: IPad Uke Apps

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    Default IPad Uke Apps

    I finally broke down and purchased an I-Pad Air on a Black Friday deal, what apps should I consider to enhance my ukulele experience? Even us old dogs are trying to learn some new tricks.

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    If you are a member of UU+ their app is fantastic, allowing you to download lessons to watch on the iPad. If you play tabs or read sheet music, then a song library app like ForScore or OnSong is a must.
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    OnSong is a great app to have.
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    Get Garageband, and record, from the built in mic, or if you have an electric uke then get a griffin guitar connect cable.
    This is cheap because it plugs into the headphone socket, better audio can be had by connecting through the dock connector, but to do that costs considerably more. Headphone socket is fine!

    Recoding yourself is a great way to improve your playing skills.

    I have uke chords on the iphone which allows you to select a chord, display it and variations on that chord. (Not sure if this is available for ipad though)

    I have ForScore, a good way to keep track of your music and use the ipad instead of a binder of music. Although I prefer playing from sheets of A4 paper as I find it easier to read than the smaller ipad.
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    +1 on the UU+ app, if you're a member. I'm doing the Practice Sessions from the app, which is nice.

    A free app is Ukulele Companion, which has the chords, a metronome, and gives the pitches of the strings.

    I use Metronome + (also free) for the simplicity of the metronome.

    When I haven't wanted to use sheet music, I've used the lazy route of just taking a photo of the music with the IPad's camera, and reading it from there. It works well enough for me, though there are probably apps that would allow you to do more with the music.

    There are a variety of free apps that can allow you to record, and as already mentioned, Garageband, (now free also, I think), will let you record also.

    For guitar, someone suggested Guitar Tuna (also free) for a tuner. I like it, but need a Ukulele Tuna, since the guitar version is confused by my ukulele. (Or at least by my version of playing a ukulele.) Any suggestions? I have a clip on tuner which is my primary tuner for ukulele, but it could be handy to have a tuner on the IPad as well.

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    GuitarToolkit is great for learning chords and scales among other things. It has built in settings for high G and low G uke and you can make your own tunings as well.
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    There are a few apps I use on the iPad regularly.

    Some are a few bucks, but may be available in free ad-supported versions.

    I particularly like UChord which I use mostly for the reverse lookup function - just taps the strings at the frets you want and it will tell you what chords are available for those fingerings. Once you have selected four strings you should be down to one named chord or its alternates. There's a slight restriction in that it only knows the first four recognized positions of each chord so if you are looking way up the fretboard it won't help much. The forward lookup function isn't well designed so I use two other apps for that. Overall though as it's the only reasonably priced reverse lookup app I have found I think it was well worth having.

    The two apps I like for normal chord finding are Tekachords (free version is Basichords), and Chords4Ukes. Both have nice interfaces and many variations of fingering positions for each chord up and down the fretboard.

    One app which has only just been released for iPad (previously I had used it extensively on Android) is PitchLab. It acts as a good tuner but has some cool functions for analyzing what chord you are playing and displaying each note it hears - it's just a lot of fun to play with. To get ukulele tuning you have to buy at least the 99c instrument pack.

    I haven't yet used an app to assemble songs for playing. I prefer paper still. But I will look into the suggestions others have made in this thread.
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    Thanks to all who have posted. I will look into all the suggestions

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    Personally I like SongBook ChordPro over OnSong. Importing songs from is a snap and you can have the chord diagrams on the side instead of the bottom.

    Also BasicChord (or the big brother Tekachords) is one of the better chord apps. Upload your PDF songs too!


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    Another great application for the iPad is On the Path. It's the best music instructional app I've seen. In short, many legendary musicians provide a video lessons for various instruments (guitar, bass, piano). There is only one Uke lesson as of now, but it's by Jake Shimakuboro. If I recall, it was $15 for the lesson. But once you pay, you own it for good. And in his lesson he teaches you his cover of My Guitar Gently Weeps. You can slow it down, set loops, etc. Very, very useful. Here is a demo of the app by Jeff Bridges:
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