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Thread: I Wonder if I Could Ever Learn to Sing

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    I have watched some of your videos in the seasons threads. You are a very gifted entertainer. It sounds like it was a bit of a struggle for you but it seems to come through as a natural talent for you. My brother has the same gift. I think his gregarious nature has helped him a great deal. He always wants to be the center of attention. It doesn't hurt that he has been playing guitar since his early teen years, though he's been goofing off for much longer.

    I started studying and playing classical guitar much later in life. I was in my thirties. I can't remember exactly how old I was. It was a struggle for me but I enjoyed it immensely. However, while I grew to become fairly proficient with the classical guitar, there was something missing. When I would get together with my brother and other family members we would bring our instruments. And here entered the frustrations - I couldn't play along with anyone. I wanted to be able to join in the music-making and maybe sing a song or two. But I just couldn't do it. I couldn't strum. And I didn't seem to have a sense for rhythm. I couldn't even begin to think about playing and singing at the same time.

    I thought I had the answer. I bought myself a steel-string guitar and played that for a few years but still I struggled make music. It sounds silly, but I couldn't keep hold of a pick. The strumming never materialized and I reverted to finger style. Then, two years ago, enter- the ukulele.

    It was a game-changer. The uke was, for me, like the gift of a bicycle to a child. It was freedom, independence, confidence, adventure. Of course, I had to work at it but it has been a revelation. I have explored many types of playing styles (claw-hammer, finger style, flamenco etc) and many genres of music such as Celtic, folk and rock. I have only recently gotten to the to the point where I can strum and sing at the same time. And it is a joy! My brother and I played our ukuleles together at our Thanksgiving get-together; the whole family was singing Christmas songs as well as some pop songs like "House of Gold" and "Can't Help Falling in Love With You". I can make music!

    Just today I uploaded some performance videos, my first, to Youtube for my family to see. I was a bit nervous but I didn't embarrass myself. Tons o' fun.


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    Good story, bikemech. Sometimes it's truly amazing what we can do if we'll "Just Do It!".
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