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Thread: Why do Martin Ukes cost so much????

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    Because everyone will think you are cool because you play a Martin.
    I don't want to live in a world that is linear.

    I just want everyone to understand that I am not a ukulele expert, even though it may look at times like I'm pretending to be.

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    And Martins are the only sopranos that don’t get the ‘You should try a concert or tenor because sopranos are to small’ treatment. Somehow those magical Martins are great for any and all ukulele players. That alone is worth a few extra hundred.

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    Because Cliff played one.
    In the end he played a tenor - even to the end in the nursing home.
    Now he may have just played what he could get (and there certainly wasn't the choice we have now; maybe he would have gone with a Kala sponsorship), and it's what he did with it that counts. BUT this far down the track there is some intangible value to honoring the past - especially when playing old songs.
    Hard to put into words but I feel good playing my 50's Martin tenor and strumming an old toon.
    I'm sure it'll be in my bony hands when I pass...

    Cliff+Edwards with tenor.jpg

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    I have a 2018 all-mahogany Martin 1T IZ tenor. It sold for about $1700 new. I like it. It sounds rally good, and it is loud. Really projects. Easy to play.

    Is it better than my 2016, all-Koa Kamaka HF-3 100th Anniversary tenor that cost about $1400 new? It sounds really good. It has a full, rounded & sophisticated sound. It isn't quite as easy to play as the Martin. But not by much. (For me to play, YMMV.)

    The Kamaka sounds great with Living Waters Low-G strings. The Martin did not. The Martin sounds great with Low-G Fremont Blacks Medium strings. The Kamaka, not so much. They sound and play differently. They are both commemorative models. Both are beautiful instruments. Both are handmade in the USA. (Whatever that means. Both companies use automation for some parts and processes.)

    Both companies capitalize on their brand names. You pay a premium for those brands.

    Is the Martin worth $300 more than the Kamaka? I personally don't think so. But that is strictly my personal opinion. I think they are pretty comparable in quality. I like the sound of both of them. I play both of them regularly.

    PS: The Kamaka hard case is much nicer than the Martin gig bag.
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    No question, both are beautiful and well made instruments. My experience has been that Martins seem to hold their value more than other brands. Of course, that means nothing if you don't try to sell them.

    Play Both in good health!

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