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Thread: Wind Chimes Hallow Bars as Banjolele Bridge

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    Default Wind Chimes Hallow Bars as Banjolele Bridge

    I'm not in the shades of a Luthier. It's just one yokel too eager to feel the art of making Ukes and Banjoleles. Recently I unearthed from my not so secret garden Ukulele shed an accidental eureka fitted for my Drumjolele. I found on the ground one of the wind chime hallow bars breaking free due to weather elements. Having my virtual Malate Ukulele Banjo Clinic instinct, I found out that those chirping wind chimes round bars could be it as my banjolele's bridge. I may not please everybody's opinion but to each his own. After trying for myself the effect of my newly discovered banjolele chime bridge, this may be it. I used the hallow piece and not the solid ones. Was so amazed with a 50% turnaround from the thin wood based bridge into the light weight hallow round bars. Now my Drumjolele is not only a mean looking spiked Banjolele, it is also a chirping chimmy GCEA rhythm wind sound. IMG_4956.jpgSpiked Drumjolele Chirping Wind Chime GCEA Rhythm.jpg

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    Nice solution....And you eliminated one of those god-awful wind chimes!
    I like the spikes too!

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