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Thread: The Eliminate Project Fundraiser

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    Default The Eliminate Project Fundraiser

    Hey guys, haven't been on here in a while as school hasn't left any time for the uke.

    Little background: I'm a senior in high school and president of my school's Key Club. We're putting on a race fundraiser for the Eliminate Project, which was started by Kiwanis International and Unicef to combat tetanus. 160 babies die each day from the disease and the Eliminate Project was started in 2010 to "eliminate" the disease. It takes just $1.80 to vaccinate one mother and the vaccination is passed down to all her future children.
    Our goal for the race is $10,000 - a bit high, yes, but certainly attainable. Raising that much would mean saving the lives of more than 500 mothers and children.

    The race will be in New Orleans, Louisiana, but I know UU has users from all over the world, so there is an option to donate. Anything is appreciated.

    Registration, donation options, and more information about the project can be found at our site:

    Thanks guys!

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    Rotary basically eradicated polio funding the WHO. Go for it.

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