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Thread: Mold or solera?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Timbuck View Post
    Ok Craig..There are a couple of Youtube vid's here......That show it in use
    Thank you, Ken!

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    I use molds so I can dial in the neck angle up/down/left/right.

    I also use bolt on necks which makes (nitro) finishing easier.

    Using molds/separate neck (regardless of attachment system) means if something goes wrong with either the body or neck I don't have to scrap them both.

    With the integrated "spanish" method (ie using a Solera) if you cock up one part (say the neck), then its difficult to use the rest as is.

    Of course, if all goes perfect, then both methods are as good as each other.

    PS- i also use my molds as my side laminating molds.

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