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Thread: WTT Custom Guitar for Kanilea K3TP

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    Default WTT Custom Guitar for Kanilea K3TP

    Hi everyone!
    Really jazzing for a kanilea k3 tenor! I'm willing to trade my custom tlh acoustic/electric guitar. I wouldn't be selling it normally, but found out I'm allergic to the wood. Bummer. Below are the specs and some pictures of it while it was being made (although I should note that it has very "played in" wear that I think looks super cool). Originally Paid $2500 for it. If there is any interest, I can also put up a video.

    olive wood b/s
    cedar top
    koa binding
    side sound hole
    ebony fretboard
    rosewood headstock/bridge
    slotted headstock
    k&k trinity system





    Feel free to ask any more questions!
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    Kanilea K1-C-sf, Honolele Tenor Walnut, Enya EUT-MG6 Mango Tenor

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