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Thread: End Of Year Extravaganza II - Vote for Best Duet/Group

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    Default End Of Year Extravaganza II - Vote for Best Duet/Group

    Here are the nominations for Best Duet/Group. Again, only two nominations found a seconder, so I am giving you all 12.

    The Best Duet/Group playlist can be found here.

    Nominations are now closed. Here is your list of nominees to choose from. You have one vote in this category too - send it in via PM.

    Best Duet/Group

    From Seasons 53-58, we had nominations for:

    The Ukelites - Killing Me Softly

    23skidoo & Woven Pines - Sin City

    From Seasons 59-64, we had nominations for:

    The Ukelites - Hitting on Nothing

    caukulele & mr caukulele - Can't Help Falling in Love

    Filipinouker & Ombracorta Days Are Never Long Enough

    From Seasons 65-70, we had a nomination for:

    From Seasons 71-76, we had nominations for:

    Fred and Berni (frisbee fred & barbablanca) - "Too Many Horses" by Krabbers

    Mike-on-Uke (Mike & Susan Sievers) - Freedom Rings Today

    From Seasons 77-84, we had nominations for:

    Pa and Cha - I Am Not At War With Anyone

    From Seasons 84-90, we had no nominations

    From Seasons 91-97, we had nominations for:

    Uke Can 2 - Baby It's Cold Outside

    SailQwest - Shama Lama Ding Dong

    we tigers - Minas de Cobre

    No videos from Seasons 98-104 were nominated for this (or indeed any other) category.
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    Did I vote? You bet. Voting is cool.
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