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Thread: Any Ukers in the Westchester County Area?

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    I'm not in Westchester County, but I'm next door in Dutchess County, and I work in Westchester County - Ossining.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Uke-Conn View Post
    I'm in New Milford, CT, work in Danbury. I'd love to find a reasonably local group, or even help start one! The nearest one to me that I'm aware of is in Milford, which is about an hour away . . . .
    I live in new Milford and am truly a newbie to the uke, a week into it and I'm hooked!!!! I'd love to meet up with people in new Milford to learn this newest craze with. Email me,

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    All you folks up in NY and Conn. are definitely within striking distance of Uke New Jersey Too!, our second annual Uke fest in Morristown, NJ!

    Details here:

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