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Thread: Martin T1K Full review

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    Default Martin T1K Full review

    Just finished this
    New format. still working on video skills. have an intro, but have not put it in yet
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    As a vintage Martin owner of both soprano and baritones (both are wonderful and made unlike ones today of course) this is overpriced for me by a lot. I agree with you. The Koa I have seen on them is also so so as you observed. I do think the sound is decent, but I can get great sound for 200.00 from Gretsch or an Islander, $350-400 for a nice Moku (really nice solid wood) , and moving into Pono and some others which are just so much more refined for $500.00. Heck for $650.00 you might as well get a base model Boat Paddle. I think I would go for the Boat Paddle. If you are near 500 you might as well go to 650. ;-)

    Nice review,
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