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Thread: case for solid body electric ukulele

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    Cool case for solid body electric ukulele

    does anyone know where i can get a hard shell case for a soid body electric tenor ukulele? if not that than at least a heavily padded gig bag strong enough to handle the weight of a solid body electric tenor ukulele. or if not that an easy way to make or change an existing one to fit my needs. thanks
    p.s. im also trying to go for as compact as possible.
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    Solid body ukulele's generally will fit in a case designed for an acoustic ukulele as long as the design isn't that outlandish. The body sits a little low and the neck a little high so it isn't ideal but generally not a problem. You could fill the bottom of the body space a little if you didn't like the way the ukulele was sitting.


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    The Pono electrics come in a slimed down case. You can see the case here. I don't know if you can buy it separately however.

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    I got a solid body electric concert a few years back. I ended up contacting the USA distributor for eleuke and they sold me one of their gigbags. It has not held up that well, some of the stitching at the zippers has failed, but it keeps my uke fairly safe and has a pocket for goodies.

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