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Thread: Only $219 ? How is this possible? (Not a Moore Bettah, but...)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ralphk View Post
    Just get a Flea and stop worrying about it.
    Not sure about Keith, but I'm just not a Fluke-y or Flea-type dude - perhaps a Blackbird!? Unfortunately, that doesn't solve Keith's problem, as we're still talking about something costing a grand+, & thus requiring a sitter/bodyguard whilst out frolicking with the fishys..

    Haven't played the Ekoa "Clara" model, but was definitely impressed with the sound and build quality (hard to fault well-designed CNC, in spite of it's lack of artisan'esque craftsmanship ..) of their Carbon-fiber tenor. Just not quite sure I wanna make a financial commitment for a bullet-proof 4-stringer..


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    Quote Originally Posted by kissing View Post
    This Gretsch is an amazing uke:

    Solid mahogany top, cutaway, Fishman active pickup AND built-in tuner. + Lovely Gretsch gigbag

    Sound is amazing, setup is amazing, build quality is amazing... uses quality Grover tuners too..

    Why not get one?
    I'm not a huge cutaway fan but that is a great looking and sounding, uke. I considered it but really wanted a spruce top, which is how I got my Kala KA-STG.

    There's so many nice ukes around the $200 mark. I'm incredibly impressed with my Kala. It's light and balanced and the fit and finish is beyond perfect. It sounds amazing. I can't believe it only cost less than $200.

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    Followup report: just returned from Mexico. The Gretsch turned out to be a worthy companion - proving more than sufficient. And what it lacks in sound and playability (compared to my Moore Bettah 's) was made up for in my ability to completely relax with it, in a relatively challenging environment: whether pelted by wind and sand, embraced by my sunscreen soaked arms, absconded by my 14 year old daughter to noodle on, or baked in the sun next to me on my beach chair while I dozed (under the influence of Don Julio).

    A photo included.


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    Glad to see you are happy with it. I just received mine from HMS and am very happy. This is my transition uke from concert laminate to tenor solid body. It was also my first ukulele from HMS and let me say that the setup makes a huge difference! I didn't have any to try where I live so all my research on it was from forums and video reviews and HMS did me right. The neck is supposedly meatier than other tenor brands but it works for me. The Gretch 9120-SM should definitely be considered for someone with a $200-$300 budget but you better act quick because as someone said in an earlier post they are discontinued.

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    I'll throw in my 2c too. I got one of the solid concerts from a dealer as a floor model cheap and didn't really like the "orangey" stain but the snowflake fret markers and headstock inlays were nice, it's light weight and I really liked the tone.
    I reshaped the bridge and nut then sent it off to Jake at Antebellum for a proper setup and now I love it! It now plays like butter. Below is Jake's take on these. http://antebelluminstruments.blogspo...lele.html#more
    If you can get one cheap and put a little effort into it, I think they are a steal.
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