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Thread: A Seasonista Wrote This...stuff

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    Default "Restraining Order"

    This is a love song.

    It's called "Restraining Order"

    I wrote this one about 15 years ago. If you got into songwriting to get chicks, I do not recommend writing songs like this one.

    - FiL

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    Default "Makeup"

    This is one I did for Season 34. The theme was songs that use the I - V - vii - IV chord progression. I had this song sitting around for a long time, but was never quite satisfied with it. When I changed the verse chords to the aforementioned progression, the song finally felt finished. so thanks to the Seasons for helping birth this one.

    - FiL

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    Default "Jennifer"

    OK, last one for now. This is another song that was lying dormant for a few years before the Seasons gave it a new life. I did this for Season 42, which was all about crime. It's based on a true story I read in the local paper one day, and I was moved to write about it.

    - FiL

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    Quote Originally Posted by decaturcomp View Post
    Mind if I kick things off?

    This is only my 3rd or 4th song that I'd care for anyone to hear. I thought maybe I'd throw it out here for suggestions. I wrote and recorded a version of it yesterday and tightened it up some today. Berni wrote me an encouraging note so I thought I'd keep working on it. I also thought we might try different versions of songs for comments before they go to the general public.

    What have you gotten from the aether lately, friends?
    FiL and I were just lamenting how many months in a row (all of them ) we have intended to go to our local songwriter circle, and there's always some other great thing we go to instead ... and then we thought maybe we might need to start our own, at a more convenient time. Maybe this is our answer? A Seasonista songwriter circle right here whenever we have a moment for it!

    Alan, I love your song! And "three kinds of sweet tea" is my very favorite line. (Even though I don't really understand it either. Sometimes sound and image matter more than meaning.) Please don't mess with it.
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    I just made a playlist of all the original I did for the seasons, mainly to see how many I did write. And I have written 22 (there is one double song in the playlist) so far.
    And just to show something here, one of my early works, that shows my love for coffee. Because some of you might have missed it:
    This was for season 35 I need coffee in the morning (still true ;-)).
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    I wrote this one in the mid-oughties for a Christmas project I did with a friend. I get bummed every year as the holidays roll around that this song is still topical. Here I am singing it on a Maui beach in 2012 for eugene ukulele's holiday song contest.

    -Ralf Youtz

    My videos are here.

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    Default Baby Shoes

    Ernest Heminway was challenged to write a six word story.
    It was For sale baby shoes never used and this was the inspiration
    for tis song.

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    Done for Primate Season 112
    The 3 Monkeys

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    I am flattered that Alan considered naming this Berni's hideaway

    My first contribution to this thread is the song I consider the most passionate I have written since joining the Seasons. It was written in response to that terrible attack by fanatics on a shopping mall in Kenya. The creators of wise old sayings got it wrong: Money is the root of all greed, it's organised religion that is the root of all evil.

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    Default Bad Sasquatch

    Here's one I just did for season 112. I know I'll never be as prolific as Bernie, but this one pretty much wrote itself in just a couple of days.

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