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Thread: NUD : Epiphone Les Paul

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    I installed one of these last week (bought off ebay for 9.95): It's very close to the right size, but a hair too long and too thick. A couple of minutes of careful sanding took care of that. Also, the bottom edge needed some cleaning up with sandpaper so that it sits flat on the pickup. Until I did that, some strings were louder than others through the pickup. Nice learning experience, but I don't think the mod changed things significantly.

    I like my LP and like playing plugged in, but if I was doing it all over again and had a few more bucks, I would go for a Kala or similar with a pickup. It does look very cool though and is rugged and solidly built.

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    It's slightly snug, but fits well inside the same concert size hard case that nearly all concerts fit. Mine was a Musician's Gear black hardshell concert case from Musicians Friend on sale.

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    Ivan, check with Tony (Tudorp) here on UU - he set up my LP Uke with bone nut and saddle, changed the strings to Aquila Nylgut, and leveled all the frets.

    Of course, that was before I got the second LP, which went to a Good Home. (And I'm glad you are enjoying it!). And I agree - a second strap button at the neck base is a Good Idea.

    Quote Originally Posted by Olarte View Post
    I'm interested in changing the nut and bridge but don't know where to get one for a good price other than china.

    Also is there a particular size, or are all blanks pretty much the same thing? how hard is it to make one for the uke?

    thanks in advance.

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    Lots of tutorials on how to make a nut and saddle, but you may just want to get a TUSQ set. They are somewhat "standard"...note the quotes. Would require the least amount of "fitting" and are readily available for less than 10 bucks the set I think.

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    Congrats on the EPI LP!

    I Love mine. I replaced the pickup with a Mi-Si, and made a custom saddle from a piece of ebony and I have a Fremont soloist squeakless polished low-g string, with the trebles from a set of Worth Browns mediums (BM-LG), and the sound is very sweet, with infinite sustain.

    Because the wood of the top, back and sides are thicker than most ukes you'll want some higher tension strings which will in fact cause the top to resonate significantly more than Aquila Nylgut strings, otherwise both the acoustic volume and tone, as well as the sustain will not be at it's maximum potential.

    Anyone else considering or wanting an EPI LP uke, see the thread I posted last night where Epiphone is GIVING AWAY one for free, each day in April.
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    Olarte ....... I bought blanks from Clifford Essex Music in the UK (same place I got my Aria concert from) as they have a big selection of blank bone pieces. I just measured the stock ones and ordered blanks of similar dimensions, although the saddle on the LP is narrow, so it took some sanding down.

    As has been said, there's lots of help to be found using a Google search, but I used varying grades of sandpaper attached to a glass sheet to keep a nice flat face and took my time!

    The nut blank was a lot closer in dimension, so just needed the curved headstock side edge sanding, and obviously the nut slots cutting. All I did for the slots was attach the blank and the new nut together, using the original to guide where the slots needed cutting on the new nut.

    It really is pretty simple stuff ........

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    Sounds, good thanks for the tips on making a saddle and nut. I'm gonna give it a shot soon.
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    Got to play one of these in a store today and really liked it. Really well built and I like how the finger board felt, and even with the rubbish stock strings I liked the sound.

    One thing I am concerned about is the sound plugged in though. I'd be gigging quite a bit with it and the lack of controls concerns me. I have a piezo installed on my Dolphin and the built'in preamp lets me adjust bass and treble which gives me a decent range of sounds. Would this need a preamp or would running it clean through my distortion pedal help that?

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    There are others here far more knowledgeable than I am, but AFAIK passive pickups really need a preamp, in which case you will have all the controls you want or need . The "active" pickups generally, especially cheaper ones, seem to be viewed as probably not as good as a preamp with an amplifier as their built-in amps are not always good quality. The little Les Paul really lends itself to a bit of modification though, reading threads on here, and can be hugely improved upon sound wise. I find the setup on mine, from the box, pretty good and with Aquilas instead of the nylon junky strings, it sounds really nice but others have tried different strings which they are equally happy with.

    Thing with this little uke is, most people seem really pleased with it, at a very modest cost - plus it is the real deal, a proper Epiphone Les Paul. Cute and cool and sounds good to me.
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