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Thread: Picking Songs Apart

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    Performing a song is like acting, really. It's fun for me to sing songs that don't really fit my real life persona, like trying on a character.

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    I would rather watch someone play AND sing rather than just play, no matter how good they are. I'm always finding a new song to sing, often by accident;working on one song, I'll start messing around and think, hmmmm, that sounds like such and such, and the next thing I know I've got another song in my repertoire. I do write songs, but its a painful slow process for me, and while there are so many wondeful songs already written, and while I get so much enjoyment from singing the great songs others have written, I don't sweat it. I don't gravitate towards one particular type of song; its a much fun for me to sing Accentuate The Positive as it is to sing I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor. Slow ones, fast ones, folky ones, standards. I do like to sing songs with a back story to them, but one which isn't completely revealed. Like Ruby Don't take your Love to Town. That song has fascinated me since I was little, and there's plenty of songs like that. Has to have a good melody though. Sometimes I'll hear a song which makes me sit up and listen, or just resonates with me for some reason, doesn't even have to be an obvious reason. I then either work it out by ear, or find a tab, or a combination of the two, and have a go at singing it. I might try different keys to see what works best with my vocal range. Sometimes it will soon be clear that its not working out, in which case I'll put it on the back burner and work on something else.

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