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Thread: strings are to small

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    Exclamation strings are to small

    i just got new strings for my tenor;and it is tenor strings.
    when i put the strings on the headstock,and i wind it;
    and then i cut the extra strings before i even tuned it
    so everytime i wind the strings,it keeps coming off

    anybody know how to stop it from coming off?

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    ok...first off cutting off the extra string, in my opinion, is kinda stupid. so to solve your problem, when you wrap the string in the little loop at the bottom, maybe go around one more time, or twice and when you tighten it, it wont slide.
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    Im thinking your talking about the string coming off the bridge. When you tie the loop at the bridge, you have to do around the hole twice. If im completely off the mark here, post some pics so we can better assist.

    And TsouL... Why is cutting extra string stupid?
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