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Thread: I hope I am doing it right...

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    Default I hope I am doing it right...

    I do it a little differently then in the video's or my teacher told me to do it but I kinda liked it it this way when I was working on it.

    I'm worried about if my Rhythm is right, and if the back-beat type thing is happening. Hard for me to know if I'm doing it right!

    Going to E is really hard for me sometimes I think it will just come with time and practice. Its Somewhere over the rainbow IZ style incase its not clear lol. I hope I DID IT RIGHT!
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    First job is to get the chord changes down pat. Best way to do that is with a really slow tempo, down strums only and work on the problem changes, over and over and over again. I am working on the same song, it is a lot of fun because it is such a pretty song.

    Your DD UU DU sounds real good, nice beat and feel. Do your daughters know the words to the song, make them sing it
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    You are doing great! Consistent practice/strumming sessions makes it better and better, doesn't it? Such a sweet sounding ukulele you have, there!
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    It sounds great, you've got some nice character coming through in your strumming. Just work on changing to the next chord in time, and it'll be ready for prime time.

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