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Thread: Catch the Easy from maui @ Ong King

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    Exclamation Catch the Easy from maui @ Ong King

    Who? The Easy

    When? Wednesday 10:00 am

    Where? Ong King arts center 184 n. King St. Honolulu HI

    Why? No worries, take it EASY

    What? The new sound of Hawaiian music. The Easy is a dedicated band of troubadours who play for the real love of music,bringing an island style ukulele sound with influences of punk,jazz,ska,metal and funk.The Easy is led by (Fattbird)who writes the music and words all by the sweet sound of his ukulele.The songs are then further embellished by the sonic guitar riffary of Adam Bowen. James Bowersox(drums)and Jeff Thorpe(bass) back these songs with a groove that that could bring an unbeating heart back 2 life. For 4 years The Easy have graced the stages of several hundred gigs on various Hawaiian isles,have played shows with acts as diverse as megastar Willie Nelson,local charttoppers Malino and soul ska favorites Go Jimmy Go, to name a few.Now,like a new day rising the future looks bright as The Easy set to take their island sound on tour worldwide.come, see, hear ,feed the soul.GO ISLAND,GO EASY

    How Much? $5

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