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Thread: FS: 1920s Martin Soprano, Style One, Very Nice

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    Default FS: 1920s Martin Soprano, Style One, Very Nice

    If the Web site I checked is correct, this would have been manufactured in the late 1920s (will change this if I am wrong) as indicated by the fact that the Martin logo is stamped only on the back of the headstock. It has been repaired by a luthier, looks and plays great, with little bits of wear here and there but not much. I did add two matching strap buttons. Price is $600 plus shipping. I love this but it has been sitting and would rather it be in the hands of someone who plays it regularly.

    P1020035.jpg, P1020036.jpg, P1020037.jpgP1020038.jpgP1020039.jpg

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    could you be more specific about the repair[s]?
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    I am relying on memory. The repairs weren't major, mostly supporting a crack below the soundhole and I believe on the side. I did find this note from the luthier when I was considering whether to buy it and thought I'd show him some photos first: "Hi Jeff
    the uke looks fine to me. It doesnt look like it is in too bad of condition at all." I doubt that is much help. I'm happy to connect with anyone via facetime or skype and show it and play if that would help.

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