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Thread: Looking for a set of compression curl koa.

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    Default Looking for a set of compression curl koa.

    Im up S creek without a paddle. I just started on a very important for me tenor commission. It is a wine grape theme. I live in wine country. There are a million vineyard owners in my area with plenty of money. The vine goes up the fingerboard. The top and sides were to be very wavy compression koa that was to represent the roots of the vine. I managed to destroy both sides while bending, they were the only ones I had and I don't have a decent match as this piece of koa is very light in color. Lighter than the photo. Here is a photo of the top.

    Looking to buy, trade or steal another compression curl set like it. compression curl.jpg
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    This is the only set I have that I think is big enough for a tenor. 3x19 inches. But it doesn't look the part does it.
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    Did you contact curly koa tonewoods
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