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Thread: Season 128 - Uppity Music Snob

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    Default Season 128 - Uppity Music Snob


    The theme for Season 5 was to play a song by one of Chrimess' favorite bands in the "modern-alternative" genre. I thought that was a neat idea, where Chrimess got to hear his favorite bands covered by all you awesome ukulele players. This week's contest is similar except I am opening it up to my favorite bands of all genres (minus modern-alternative). But because I am an uppity music snob, my list can be quite selective about which albums or songs by a band are eligible. Some bands/artists may be difficult to cover, but I think there should still be something here for everyone.

    My background: I grew up in the mountains with not a lot to do but play in the woods and listen to music in my room. Luckily my three older sisters (up to 10 years older) liked good music and for some reason left all their albums behind when they moved out of the house. Growing up in the middle of nowhere with few friends and no TV to speak of, at an early age I listened to all those records (in addition to my parents' records) over and over with plenty of time to learn for myself what kind of music I really liked or didn't care for. We also received very good public-access radio stations and I would record and re-listen to other genre shows (i.e. Blues, Reggae, Bluegrass, Jazz, and so on) that I otherwise would not have been exposed to. The internet was a long way off at this time....

    I saw an unfortunate pattern as a got older: many of my all-time favorite bands (or members of bands) became super-famous after I already liked them for a long time. In almost every such case (except Peter Gabriel and the Talking Heads), I did not enjoy the music that made them really popular. For example, I used to really like ZZ Top. Then they put out the Eliminator album (where they introduced pre-programmed keyboards tracks) and became the smashing success that everyone now thinks of. The ZZ Top I knew and loved was a quirky, hard-rockin' bluesy band, quite different from the synthesizer-driven music everyone knows them for today. At that point I thought they had "jump the shark" to use an overused phrase. Bands such as these are denoted with a double asterisk (**) and they have qualifiers as to which specific albums/songs are/are not allowed for the contest due to my musical snobbery. Other songs may be denoted as off-limits, not because I don't like them but because they are too obvious or overplayed (example: "Ghost Riders" for Sons of the Pioneers).

    • All the typical season rules apply (a uke in there somewhere, up to three entries, don't post anything until 12 am on Sunday, yada yada)
    • You will be judged by the uppity music snob (who likes to talk in the third person) on the following criteria:
    • Song choice
    • Quality over quantity--your score will be the average of the song(s) you submit, meaning if you nail a song, don't follow it with a stinker, it will lessen your final score. One good song could win you the season.
    • That pleasant quality that is hard to describe unless speaking French.
    • Creativity
    • A band may transcend genres beyond the one for which it is listed. For instance Fishbone plays ska, funk, metal, punk, reggae, jazz, etc.. If a band/artist is listed with no qualifiers, all songs by that band/artist are free game, no matter which genre the band is listed under.
    • If you can avoid it, refrain from low-hanging fruit (the most obvious or easy song). For instance, if I said Jimmy Buffet was a favorite (I won't), don't play Margaritaville unless you can cover it so convincingly that no one can fault you for doing it yet again. But if the band/artist is already somewhat obscure or hard to play (say, The Fixx), give any of their songs—even their most popular song—a shot if you dare, because heck, I'd love to hear One Thing Leads to Another or Saved By Zero covered on a uke.
    • Extra credit for songs/bands denoted with a single asterisk (*), which means I was extra fond of that album/band/genre when growing up.
    • Multi-tracking is great and extra points for effort. However if you can cover a song well with just a single uke, the more power to you and duly noted.
    • All instruments must be acoustic and played by hand (no electronic keyboards, drum machines, click tracks, etc.). Another pet peeve of the uppity music snob.
    • If you have submitted a song for a previous season, try another.

    Let me know if you have any questions. I will comment on all vids but please note that I will be away from Thursday until Sunday camping. I will finish commenting on vids when I return.

    First prize: IMG_1057.jpg
    This approximately two-foot tall wooden wall hanging that has adorned my wall for the past ten years. I think it is time to pass it on to someone else. I will dust it before I send it. I will probably come up with some other prizes, as well.

    So, here are the uppity music snob-approved bands:

    Albert King
    B.B. King
    Bobby "Blue" Bland
    Little Milton
    Taj Mahal
    "Big" Joe Turner

    Country / Western
    Asleep at the Wheel
    Dwight Yoakam
    Sons of the Pioneers (anything except "Ghost Riders")

    Disco / Funk
    Boney M
    Earth Wind and Fire
    The Gap Band
    Joe Tex
    Kool and the Gang

    Easy Rock (Yacht)
    Little River Band (extra points for Reminiscing)

    The Fixx
    Missing Persons
    Talk Talk

    Cab Calloway (but not Minnie the Moocher)
    Count Basie
    Clifford Brown
    Duke Ellington
    Dizzy Gillespie
    Eddie Harris *
    Thelonious Monk
    George Shearing
    Horace Silver

    Israel Kamakawiwo'ole ("Facing Future" album only, except the song "Somewhere Over the Rainbow")
    Makaha Sons
    Pure Heart

    Progressive Rock *
    Emerson Lake and Palmer (anything but the song "Lucky Man")
    Genesis (anything before the "Invisible Touch" album) **
    Jethro Tull
    Boston (anything from first two albums only) **
    Kansas (anything but the song "Dust in the Wind")
    King Crimson
    Peter Gabriel

    The Babys *
    Blood Sweat and Tears
    Blue Oyster Cult
    David Bowie ("Let's Dance" album only)
    Deep Purple
    The Doors * (anything except "People are Strange")
    Elvis Costello (any song from the "My Aim is True" or "This Year's Model" albums except the song Allison)
    Heart (anything from 1980 and earlier) *
    Joe Jackson (anything from 1984 and earlier)
    Molly Hatchet
    Montrose *
    Phil Collins (anything from his first two solo albums, but not In the Air Tonight) **
    Pretenders (anything except "Brass in Pocket")
    Santana (anything before the "Supernatural" album only, but not "Evil Ways") **
    Steely Dan (anything from "Pretzel Logic" or "The Royal Scam" only)
    Talking Heads (anything except Psycho Killer) *
    The Who
    ZZ Top (anything before the "Eliminator" album) ** *

    Barrington Levy
    Burning Spear
    Eek A Mouse
    Israel Vibration *
    Lone Ranger a.k.a. Anthony Waldron
    Peter Tosh
    Steel Pulse
    Desmond Dekker
    Sugar Minott

    English Beat *
    Eric Morris
    Fishbone *
    Hepcat *
    Jackie Opel
    Let's Go Bowling *
    Lord Creator a.k.a. Kendrick Patrick *
    Lord Tanamo *
    Prince Buster
    The Selector
    The Skatalites
    The Specials

    Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks *
    Ink Spots
    Lou Rawls
    Mills Brothers
    Public Enemy

    ....and any song from the following albums:

    Berlin - Pleasure Victim
    Godspell soundtrack
    Jefferson Starship - Earth
    Oklahoma soundtrack
    Rocky soundtrack
    Rose Tattoo - Rose Tattoo
    Royal Guardsmen - Snoopy vs the Red Baron (but not the title song)
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    that's great, but could you be a little more specific?

    Quote Originally Posted by thunderflea View Post
    if you nail a song, don't follow it with a stinker
    as if we would!

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    The key thought being quality over song may win you the season and a second song could cost you the season if not up to par with the first. If you don't care about wining the season and just want to submit a bunch of songs, that's fine, too.

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    of course i might just come in with a really dreadful effort to start with (it has been known ) and then have to chuck gazillions more songs at you in an increasingly desperate attempt to back-pedal from that initial rubbish-ness... is there a limit to how many songs we can do??????????
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    Let's limit to three entries. I will add that to the initial description. Oh, wait, I already said that, first bullet.

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    OOOOOOOOOOPS, my bad, thanks!

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    No worries, there is a lot to ingest there. Longest season description ever?

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    lol i think it might be!

    i was taking notes - seriously! - but i missed the three vid limit!

    way to go to totally get the songs you wanna hear!

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    The doors are kicked wide open enough for everyone to cover something of their fave genre........... great theme, I'm liking.

    ..........and Lynda, stop asking questions and leave the poor man alone !! Lol
    Keeping It Raw, Keeping It Real

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    oh mark, i might yet have some daft questions or indeed just some insanely ridiculous comments up my sleeve that i haven't even posted yet!

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