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Thread: Recommend strings for Pono MT

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edspyhill05 View Post
    Rather than start a new discussion I'll try to revive this existing discussion.

    I have a Pono MT solid mahogany tenor ukulele and I'm having a minor issue with the high G string volume and projection. I find this ukulele to be very bright, especially with fluorocarbon strings. I've tried a lot of string brands, Luthier, PhD, Fremont Blacklines, D'Addario, Aquila strings but the high G string never projects. This problem is an issue mainly playing fingerstyle.

    I was thinking this could be an issue with this ukulele, but it sounds more balanced with a low G. Anyone experience these high/low G string issues?

    Is it something to do with hard tension VS. normal or medium tension?
    I assume that you pick the g string with your thumb and if you pick a high or low G in exactly the same way I would expect the quality of sound to be different. My approach would be to change the attack on the string e.g. if you pick with nail now try the fleshy part of the thumb or the other way round. If you use a thumb pick then most definitely try a different kind of pick.

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    I do use my thumb and I do use flesh and nail to pluck the G string. If I use all nail I do get a better sound but requires a strange thumb position.. One observation is the A string sings. The high G is slightly thicker.

    I've been playing my baritone uke most lately, renaissance music. My ears might just like the tone of the baritone uke. I might put a low G back on the tenor.

    Thank you for the suggestions.

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