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Thread: Using an old kay 4 string banjo as a uku?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hoosierhiver View Post
    Do it, I've got a 4 string tenor banjo strung up like a baritone. Loads of fun!
    How does it sound? I would love to hear it. A baritone banjolele

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    string inches tone string type
    1 0,025 G3 wounded, phosofor brons
    2 0,016 C4 plain steel
    3 0,012 E4 plain steel
    4 0,009 A4 plain steel

    the mensure of this tenorbanjo is 57,5 cm (fret 0 to the bridge)

    this works perfect and with a nice tension on my "modified" tenor banjo (washburn) .
    I play now everything as my banjolele but with a full banjo sound

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    Restringing the banjo is just the start, and it can be tuned to darned near anything. The question is whether one wants to restring with steel strings or nylon. Since the age of the strings could be anything, replacing them is prudent. Changing steel strings to nylon will signifucantly soften the sound.

    For a "found" instrument a half-century old there may be more work needed to get it to sound as it should. The drum head especially should be checked for any stretching or cuts. A tuned drum head is a necessity for decent sound. Also, the tuners should be checked that they are indeed keeping the strings properly tensioned.

    I envy the OP. Finding such an instrument in decent shape is a thrill and getting it to sing again is fabulous.

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