New Uke Day (NUD) “Oli e!”


Jan 7, 2024
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Southbury CT
I’ve had my Oli Cedar / Rosewood tenor for one week now.

As I’ve mentioned in other posts I was debating whether to get this Oli or the Cedarbird aNueNue.
The deciding factors were the interest in an instrument from a maker I didn’t have and the things I’d heard about it from members here. All good reports. (I liked the sound port too.)

My first impression was the absolute quality of craftsmanship throughout. The fit and finish is impeccable. Easily as good as any of the big Ks and the Romeros, Pono MSs and aNueNues. The finish is a lovely gloss with a satin finish on the neck. The frets are flawlessly finished as is the fretboard. I love the understated wraparound fret markers of maple.

I bought this from TUS and of course the setup was perfect. I added the extra $50 for the ‘rush’ setup and I received it four days after I placed my order.
I’m a sting changer, but these strings sound so good I’m not tempted to try anything else.
The tuners on this instrument are the Grover guitar style ones. Some Olis come with UPTs. I happened to get one with Grovers which are actually very very nice.

The wood is top notch. Very good looking and of course the classical combination of Cedar and Rosewood is not only beautiful but also creates a wonderful sound.

And the sound. I’m blessed to own some really nice ukuleles. This is one of the best sounding instruments I’ve played. Its voice is deep and rich and articulate. Each note sings its own song.
It has huge volume when played hard, but also clear bright notes when played softly.
It comes with low G. (You can change that Tim.):)
Which doesn’t overpower the other strings and gives it a great bottom and a smooth voice across the entire scale.
All in all this ukulele, as Baz might say, punches above its price. Even though it’s not cheap.
I’m very pleased and would recommend it highly.
“Oli e!”
Beautiful pics and super beautiful ‘Oli! Nothing else out there with a sound quite like these and as you figure out how to really milk the notes and the sustain the instrument really comes to life!

Congrats and i hope it brings you many years of ‘oli (joy and happiness)!
I have the exact same L2 and it easily outplays a lot of my customs. And.... it magnifies the errors in your playing because of the lattice bracing, "in your face" sound, lol!
PS I have the Grover tuners on mine as well.
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