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Pete Howlett

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Aug 20, 2008
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Wales, UK
I've been building ukulele for26 years. 12 years in and three workshops later, a stint in Ohio and return to the UK I again started to build part-time in 10' X 10' shed because the interest in the Ukulele was still weak...

In those days I took every mad idea put before me. Here is one such commission - a scaled down Gibson J200 with a cutaway and mustache bridge. What the heck was I thinking?

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Yeah, I built some ukes with cutaways. The Florentine type with the sharp join. What a PITA. I've always felt a cutaway was totally unnecessary on an ukulele. There is no problem fretting the upper registers on an ukulele so why have one? It's done strictly for looks. But sometimes it does look kinda cool... As for the mustachioed Gibson bridge? It probably seemed a good idea at the time. How our thoughts about the ukulele change over time. Maybe we should all go back to making "Island" style ukuleles like they were meant to be made... Probably not gonna happen.
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