1920s Ludwig Wendell Hall Professional Banjo Ukulele


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Jan 26, 2024
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I just inherited a Wendall Hall Professional and I am doing some research. I would like to purchase new strings because I think the current strings are 50 years old. Any suggestions of what strings I should purchase and tuning would be much appreciated. I am also wondering if I am going to need to replace the tuners because they seem to slip. Thank you



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Congratulations! That’s a wonderful instrument. There’s a strong scene for banjo ukes in the UK, and they tend to play in the style of George Formby. Very elaborate strumming patterns and fast tempos. For this they like low action and really light nylon strings. I use Monopole strings. Even if those are difficult to find where you are, perhaps you can find another light tension nylon set. D’addario probably work too!
Yes, a picture of the tuners would help. If they’re basic friction pegs, tightening the screw on the knob could do the trick.
Here are a couple of pictures of the tuners. I just purchased some Aquila 90U Red strings that will be here tomorrow. I am excited to re-string!


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Holy crow, are those metal strings?! I would start by immediately taking those off and putting on some ukulele strings! This instrument was not made for metal strings, and it should have either nylon or fluorocarbon strings, which are much much lower tension. I wouldn't be surprised if that solves your tuning peg problem as well.
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