2 sets of Grover Champion Dulcimer/Uke Friction Pegs for sale


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May 23, 2010
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Saint Andrews Bay, FL
One set came off of a '20's martin soprano, the other from a '50's martin tenor. they look identical.

Non-geared nickel-plated brass, with tension screw and black plastic knob, for dulcimers or ukuleles with 5/16" to 7/16" peghead thickness (7.94mm to 11.11mm).
11/32"-diameter (8.73mm) pegholes required.
Nickel with black plastic knobs. Set of 4.

they list new for $27.50 a set + shipping.
$22 shipped for both sets, or $12.50 each set if you only want 1 set.


These are contemporary and not vintage, right?
May I ask what you put in their place?
I'm still figuring out the whole tuner thing...
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Like ISaid one is from the 20s the other from the 50s the new ones are exactly the same but shinier I replaced them with you Upts
These are what are on my 50's Martin concert. I think they work well for friction pegs, still going strong at 60 years old. Contemplating whether I should get one of these sets just in case for spare parts.

I'm not 100% sure, but I believe the new versions of these are produced overseas now (China?). Not that it matters, unless they've changed materials.
According to the Walsh King book they were used on post war Martin Concerts and Tenors. I suspect that the soprano was upgraded some time, perhaps from wooden pegs. You made it even better.
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