2017 Pono RT PC-S


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Jun 17, 2014
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2016 Pono RT PC-S

I am selling my Spruce/Rosewood Pono Tenor. Was purchased brand new from HMS and expertly setup by Joel. Setup with Oasis High G strings, low action; very comfortable to play, polished frets and excellent intonation all the way up the neck. Has a deep, lush and articulate tone thanks to the rosewood and its very loud for a Pono, I specifically asked to handpick one with these traits and HMS delivered!

Has a gorgeous radius ebony fretboard and bridge. Also upgraded the tuners to ebony buttons! The rosewood on the back and sides are very gorgeous as well, nice colors and grain pattern as can be seen in the pics. This is discontinued now and cannot be purchased from anywhere due to the new restrictions on rosewood. I was lucky to receive one of the last ones sold by HMS. This is your chance to claim this really nice uke.

Uke is in basically brand new condition except for very minor ding on lower bout (last pic).


$700 + Shipping. Paypal or Cashier's Check only!
Sorry no trades!
Serious inquiries only!
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I'd love to buy your ukulele, although i live in the Netherlands... Are you really not able tot ship internationally?
Because of the last known list price (700$) and damage i bid 600 dollars on your uke.
Jan Peter van Irsel
Want to bump this up, still for sale!
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These are beautiful to look at and sound great. I have one and it's my favorite Pono. They are no longer being made because of the rosewood. Which is a fantastic tone wood.
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