Sold 2023 Blackbird Farallon High Gloss Sunburst w LR baggs 5.0 pickup

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Salt Lake City, Utah


Dec 16, 2016
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Mint condition 2023 high gloss sunburst Farallon with custom side dots and LR Baggs 5.0 pickup. Purchased from HMS just a couple of months back, this ukulele is in mint condition with very little playing time on it. Custom aluminum side dots at the 3rd, 5th, 7th, 10th, double dots at the 12th and single at the 15th. This makes it very easy to find your way around the fretboard. As was mentioned LR Baggs 5.0 installed. Currently strung with Thomastik Infeld CF30 low G and CF27 wound C with Living Waters E and A strings. Fantastic sound and feel to this ukulele. Comes with the original Reunion Blues bag also in new condition. Paid $2,490 for the ukulele plus $250 for the LR Baggs. Only selling to make room for a new guitar. Trying to reduce my instruments to only what I need. As with all of us things change and for me I am not playing as much ukulele so I’m hoping someone will want this great ukulele. I’ve tried to price it at a fair price which I think it is. Will ship free to conus. PayPal G & S. Will ship well in original packaging and fully insured. Thanks for looking.


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Wow, fantastic price for one of the lushest sounding ukes I've ever played! (Likely not yours, but it happens that the only Farralon I've ever played was at HMS a while back, so it's not impossible!) And I've always felt like gloss burst is the way to go with these -- this one's a real stunner! GLWS!
Just confirming, it does not have the side sound port, correct?
Just reduced price to $1,650. Will leave it open for a few days or until it goes off Page 1. This is as low as I can go so I think this is a great price so if anyone is interested let me know. Thanks, Mike
I'm sorry that I didn't wait a bit longer. This reduced price is a steal. A few months ago I purchased a barely used Farallon from eBay, but mine does not have the L.R.Baggs pickup or the sunburst finish. I am however very happy with my purchase of this well built and acoustically pleasing 'ukulele. Best of luck to you finding a buyer for this beauty.
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