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Apr 8, 2010
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mitchchang added a new event:

2024 Los Angeles International Ukulele Festival

September 20, 2024 5pm-8pm Friday night luau meet-and-greet, an evening of luau food & entertainment, mixing & mingling with festival artists - this WILL sell out!
September 21, 2024 9am-6pm A full day of live music performances, workshops for all levels, play-along's, open mic & more. FREE for kids 12 & under
September 22, 2024 2pm Afternoon concert featuring FENG E and the Langley Ukulele Ensemble...

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Mitch, thanks so much for adding this event! To you, and to all the other event organizers out there, I apologize for not having the resources to fill the calendar myself.

Even by the astonishingly high standards that you've set over the years, this is a KILLER lineup!!!! UU co-founder Aldrine Guerrero, Bernadette (the first uke teacher I subscribed to!), our own @4stringboy and @Jiggywithviggy, Feng E, Daniel Ward, Jeff Peterson....and I'm gonna stop there rather than just repeat what's in your post, but SERIOUSLY. This is a murderer's row, no doubt about it!

Thanks again for adding it, and to both you and @KohanMike for adding yourselves as RSVPs. :) I have no doubt that a lot of other folks here are planning to go, so be sure to mark yourselves as attending.

And of course, if folks here would like to organize a real-world UU meetup at the event, just add it to the Calendar, and we'll help spread the word!

Thanks again,
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