For Sale Soprano 2024 Luna / Famous KTS-5 Soprano

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Mar 19, 2008
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I purchased this new direct from Japan earlier this year. This is labeled as a Luna MV-25 (or 2S - I can't tell by the label). The label reads produced by Kiwaya and the back of the headstock reads Kiwaya. I believe these are made for the Japanese market but could be wrong.

Solid mahogany. Longer fretboard. Gotoh UTP tuners.

Fabulous setup. Low action. Not buzzing. One of the easiest ukuleles to play that I have owned.

Two of my favorite features are: (1) How smooth the finish is and the rounded edges of the body and headstock and (2) The tone. This has a softer attack/bark compared to vintage Martins and Timms I have owned. I'll post a video later, but with my playing style, everything always sounds kind of mellow.

Free shipping w/in cont. US. Includes gig bag in photo. I just restrung it with Tinman strings and it will include the original clear Kiwaya's strings in the bag.

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Kiwaya makes wonderful ukes. Good luck!
Someone is about to get a Very, Very, Nice Uke. The set up from the factory is super smooth.
My favorite soprano, just before my anuenue 1879, timms and style 0.

Luna MV-2S. Here are specs from the Kiwaya website, in Japanese, but Google Translate works pretty well.

The MV series stands for "Modern Vintage", meaning that they are built to look and play like vintage Martins. Honduran mahogany body and soundboard.
Thanks for the comments and sharing the specs. Makes sense that is an S not a 5 for soprano!
There are so many good ukuleles for sale right now and some of the prices are soooooo tempting. I want at least 5 of them!
This is just a reminder post that this one is still for sale so I can plan my next purchase ;)
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