24 Days of Christmas Movies: What Did You Watch Today?

There's another with Benedict Cumberbatch cartoon- animation
Oh right! But I would assume that anyone referring to "the real one" would mean the original from the 1960s.

Wasn't aware of the 2018 film. I don't think I would like this one because cartoon animation tests my patience. I was referring to the original classic with Boris Karloff.
Looks like I made the correct assumption in Mike $'s case!
Tonight it's the stop-action classic from 1964, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer which is the longest running continuously running Christmas TV special in the US. Burl Ives is the bomb in this one.
Night 5 will be Santa Claus Is Coming to Town, the 1970 stop action film with Fred Astaire, Mickey Rooney et al..
At 72 years old, I’ve seen the classics so many times I could quote the script. It was fun watching them as my boys grew up, but they are getting too old for Rudolph, The Grinch etc.
My wife occasionally watches Hallmark movies. Always the same plot, and I can’t count how many times they say: “Christmas” and the only thing anybody drinks is hot chocolate…
That said, one of my favorite movies is “Family Man” with Nicholas Cage. If you haven’t seen it, give it a try.
Looks like we missed a few days. Tonight's film will be the classic A Christmas Story...You'll shoot yer eye out kid!
“The Man Who Invented Christmas,” from 2017, available on Amazon Prime. It’s about Charles Dickens as he writes “A Christmas Carol“ and struggles with life and finances. It’s a dramedy, not a documentary, but if you look up A Christmas Carol in Wikipedia you’ll see that it’s at least based in fact.
This morning I watched The Mean One. There's a rhyming narrator and a real life Grinch monster who terrorizes a town. A horror and supposedly a comedy film. Do Not, I repeat, DO NOT watch this film. Bad story, horrible acting, just plain stupid.
I love lots of music, but am particularly partial to the influences of Soul and R&B. I actually didn't grow up watching this one and it was an ex-partner that introduced me to it, but I actually go out of my way to watch this short one every year and want to watch it with the wee nephew and niece this year too! We will all have matching Enya Nova U Pros for christmas too :) Also, who doesn't love the California Raisins? This short claymation christmas vid goes through is funny and has some nice soul/R&B covers of Christmas songs!

Tonight is: Love, Actually

I feel it in my fingers
I feel it in my toes
Love that's all around me
And so the feeling grows
-The Troggs
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I am watching Anna and the Apocalypse. It's a zombie flick and a musical and a Christmas film. The music is typical vanilla pop songs. But the story is pretty fun. I am enjoying this film. It's the Walking Dead meets Glee with glitter and Christmas trees.

To make up for the few days I missed, tonight I will watch an extra movie. Home Alone with MaCaulay Culkin.
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Grandkids are gone tomorrow evening, so it's:

"Four Christmases"

- - -

We save all our favorite classics to binge-watch while we're doing other things, starting the 20th.
I'll lay them out right now, in no particular order.

Already mentioned:
The Bells Of Saint Mary’s
The Bishops Wife
Christmas In Connecticut
It Happened on 5th Avenue
White Christmas

Pocketful Of Miracles
Christmas Vacation
The Shop Around The Corner
Miracle on 34th St. (1947)
Miracle on 34th St. (2000)
Holiday Inn

And several more we don't get to every year...
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Not specifically Christmas movies, but they take place during Christmas; Three Days of the Condor and The Apartment. I actually watched White Christmas the other day, but my number one is, It's a Wonderful Life. On my list is the 1938 A Christmas Carol, The Bishop's Wife, Miracle on 34th Street colorized version.
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