3 banjo ukes for sale or trade, all from around chicagoland


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Apr 19, 2013
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Im 19 and ive been collecting banjo ukes that originate from my old home area. I really want to save up for a gibson ub-2 so I might aswell get rid of what I have.
I have a Strombert - Voisinet concert banjo uke, lots of wear and the original owner changed a few of the hooks and shoes, its got 16 hooks total, and its covered in this weird crocodile-type material, very smooth to play, its my favorite.
I also have an all metal Dixie concert banjo uke, 1950's, great condition! All original parts, no rust, very cool.
Globe simple life banjo uke, very similar to the dandy line ukes, lots of wear but hey, its 1920's or earlier and still has all its parts besides a tuner replacement.
All are for sale/trade. Feel free to shoot me an email at formbyforme@gmail.com If youd like more info or pictures ill be happy to give them. Thanks for your time!
you'd have a lot better chance of selling them if you include pics, see sticky above for selling "suggestions'
i think more information such as pic and price will help you find buyers for every ukulele.
You guys are definatly right. Im on my phone so uploads are diabled for some reason. Im also in between moving so I dont have internet to get on my computer. I will try to find a way to post them...
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