536 - For All Your Gilberts

I used the morphed nickname option. Rick is a diminutive of Richard, so let’s play some Ringo! There’s an entry on the island involving one of my cats who demanded to participate until I turned on the camera.

Thanks for hosting, Gilbert/Joko!

ryan wrote a t.rex-y style song, "la la lynda", for my marc bolan season (season 327)...
so here's a cover!

and here is ryan's wonderful original...

Here's a marvellous song written by another EB, the Seasons' very own Elizabeth Brinker. Thanks Liz for sending me the lyrics and chords! I can't do it anything like Liz does it, so I did it like I do it. I hope that's okay :).

I used my new favourite toy on this, the B9 organ pedal, and added a tenor uke as well as the results of my lessons at the Bob Dylan school of harmonica playing.
If I Only Had A Brain Harold Arlen & Yip Harburg

I was named after my dad, Harold James Yates, but to avoid "Big Harold' & "Little Harold" or "Harold Sr.' & "Harold Jr." , I was called by my middle name, but for this song, I'll go by "Harold". A nice slow version

Look what the cat drug in...long story but lucky to be here and very grateful to be here!!!

I guess Boston was the obvious go to but never really listened to them but I did recognize this one....this is Amanda by Boston. I did put the wrong album cover in for the thumbnail....
Corruption in Government...bribery and the rigging of votes such modern themes, but here we have Robert Burns a Scotsman, writing a song about his fellow countrymen and parliamentarians and how they were persuaded by a few financial incentives of the many potential benefits of a union with England, and hence signed the treaty of union in 1707.
Hi Ila there is a band from the 70s called Mott the Hoople. Lead singer’s real name is Ian Hunter Patterson…ie IP. If you like David Bowie you might find a song of theirs that suits. If you are not fussed on Bowie I wouldn’t bother investigating them. Good luck regardless!
I think they were a brilliant band despite the Bowie influence *!! LOL.....All The Way From Memphis and Ballad of Mott The Hoople are particularly fine songs.....still it's all down to taste innit............................

* Joke btw,he literally saved them from splitting up !! https://faroutmagazine.co.uk/how-all-the-young-dudes-saved-mott-the-hoople
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I'm not sure this counts:

But on a (somewhat) unrelated note, just click on this link. You won't be sorry.
Me: I'll have a venti caramel Frappuccino please.
Barista: Sure. Can I get a name for your order?
Me: Chris
Barista: Is that with a C or a K?
Me: C
Here's my drink. Close enough. I'll forgive that sin.
Christ Cup.JPG

Here's a cover of a song by another Chris who offers some great advice should you ever get caught between the moon and NYC.
Joko- I really had every intention of bringing all the Dave’s
Crosby, Bowie…that Whitesnake rubbish which I go way back with (Coverdale was a favorite joke on a forum I was on way back when)…
But I got home and read that Andy Fletcher had passed away today. Everyone knows Dave Gahan, everyone knows Martin Gore (well at least anyone paying attention to their music in the eighties), many know Vince Clark who was on their first album (and went on to be Yazoo and Erasure…synth pop god!), but no one knows “Fletch”, who was Depeche Mode before they were fast fashion. He was with the band since 1980 (and before- he pre-dates our Dave here) and no one is really sure what he did. Bass. Plonking on a keyboard. Smiling. He handled their books yet somehow never gave himself a song writing credit? This guy was an enigma…and also a founding father of something I hold very dear (Yes- I love synth pop), so we are getting another Depeche Mode song. A Dave song for Andy…RIP
Warning- this is a dark one. Blasphemous Rumors
O Susannah - Stephen Foster (Changes by James Taylor)

I did this song about nine months back on the banjolele, but I decided to try it on the uke this time. The changes aren't exactly like James Taylor's, but they're as close as I could tell. I went back and looked at my first rendition of this song and noticed that I had the same T-shirt on. I did wash it a few times since then. . . Honest!

Nine months ago - same T-shirt
O Su....jpg
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Cheers for hosting Joko. I'm moving home shortly and have a mountain of stuff to pack (haven't even looked in the attic yet eeeeek ) so didn't really have time to give this choon a real looking at so here's my rough n ready take. I share the same middle name with Mr. Harrison's first.

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before I get to Screamin' Jay Hawkin I did a Sia Joo Hiang.

An old lady heard voices outside her flat every night, since her husband passed away. But whenever she opened her door to check, there was no one there. She told her neighbours, the policeman and her children about it, but no one believed her. One night, there was indeed someone outside her door, who was it?

Thought I'd slip this one in from Roy Orbison which was co-written by 'GEORGE' Harrisons supergroup the Travelling Wilburys..........

Sorry to have been away... Birthday, Anniversary, and some home repair emergencies kept me away. Anyway, whatchoo gonna do about it? I picked Mark Knopfler. Here's a rough version of "Romeo & Juliet" I threw together today. The picking will get better the more I practice ( I only just started learning this yesterday evening) but I think I did okay on the vocal.
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