8 strings: Ohana TK-70-8 or Pono Pro Classic?


Nov 7, 2010
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Nashville, TN
Has anyone had a chance to compare a Pono Pro Classic 8 string ukulele to the Ohana TK-70-8? If you could get either, which would you buy?

I am thinking of getting a Pono Pro Classic. The radiused fretboard and built in tension rod look really nice. I want to get an all solid wood 8 string, and I think it makes sense to purchase the highest quality ukulele I can afford. The Pro Classic would fit my budget. Barely. On a sale. :)

But the Ohana TK-70-8 is also solid wood. And it's about $500 cheaper. It has very good reviews (a couple posts on here claim it is better quality than ukes 2 to 3 times the price ...like a Pono PC?).

So do you think the Pono PC provide $500 worth of improved tone and playability?

Sadly, I won't have a chance to play either before I buy. Will need to buy without playing from a trusted website :p

Thanks for any advice!
I haven't heard the Pono Pro Classic, but I'm sure it's much nicer than the Ohana in many ways. Sound wise, not sure it's worth $500 more. If the Pono's other attributes make you drool, it may be worth the extra money. That Ohana sounds unbelievably good for the money. I doubt anything near it's price range can come close. Welcome to the world of ukes.....this is a problem you will probably have more than once.
Thanks, Phil.

For what its worth, I've decided to get the Ohana. I feel pretty confident about it given its reviews.

I haven't been able to find much information about the Pono. I suspect that its tone and playability may be slightly better, but I couldn't predict by how much. Maybe I can trade up if I ever find one to play :)

Now I just need to find a good hard case to put the Ohana in. Something that will accomodate the headstock. Any ideas?
Can't find the dimensions online. Just measure the length and check the internal dimensions of any normal tenor or baritone case. Someone in my uke club has a Kamaka 8 string and I prefer the chime of the Ohana. Good luck.
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I have a Lanikai 8 string and it fits in a bari bag just fine. I imagine a bari case would work just as well.
I have the Ohana, and I drop it in the old chip case my 50's Harmony Bari came in. The trick? I first lay a thin-ish towel over the opening, then fold the leftovers over the top. I've had a Pono tenor (not 8 string) and it was much heavier than this Ohana. The Ohana is very lightly built, which I think contributes to the outstanding sound. I just can't put it down.... It is also very easy for me to play in fingerstyle or mixed mode. Protect the top from bumps; it is very thin. I'd probably trade mine for a Kamaka, but probably not for any other production 8 string.
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