8th Annual Ukulele World Congress- June 3-4th 2016


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Jan 14, 2008
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Brown County Indiana
June 3rd-4th 2016

About 10 miles from Nashville Indiana off HWY45 at @ 4600 Plum Creek Rd.

Free! Compliments of Mainland Ukes


Most people show up Friday afternoon, but more and more people are showing up a day or two or three early.
You're welcome to come a day or two early, but you might end up helping with the mowing and set-up.
Some people don't leave till Monday or later!
There will be a potluck again Friday evening about 5 to 7pm. Mainland will have free water and drinks available until they run out.
There is an open mic each evening as well as a lot of other jammings all day and playing around the bonfire all night.

Nothing official planned for Sunday, but it's YOUR party so you guys can do what you want! Last year, Sunday had some nice low-key jamming and folks hanging around trying to find any excuse to prolong the experience.
The site for the UWC is a couple of big, well maintained fields with no permanent structures except for the stage. Both the fields are at least partially bordered by woods and a creek. Camping under shade is a good idea. There are a lot of good on-site camping areas, in the back of "parking field" there are some sweet drive up and camp spots that have shade for a lot of the day.
No dogs allowed.
No guitars.
No drums.
No fireworks.
There is basically an unlimited amount of parking and camping space. Portable toilets will be on site.
The stage field will be closed to vehicle traffic on Friday and Saturday.

Nashville is only about 10 minutes away from the UWC site and has a good variety of hotels and Bed and Breakfasts.






Primative camping is free at the UWC site! (No showers sorry)
The local YMCA in Nashville sells $8 day passes.

Nashville is not far and the Needmore store, good for some basics is only about a mile away.

Nashville has an IGA for food and other supplies.

There is also a liquor store in Nashville and a CVS.

If you are flying ,Indianapolis International airport is about an hour or so away.

Google map to the site:

See you then family! Mike and Tookta
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My boxes are already started. So is the bling!
I'm ready. Let's go!
I will be there tomorrow to start mowing fields, hope that isn't too early.
I'd LOVE to go this year (never been yet) but it seems that a rare planetary alignment is required for me to make the trek.

I wont know for sure until the date is closer. Maybe I'll see some of y'all there? :)
My family will be there again this year.

But we decided to stay in Nashville since the stage is so loud at 2 a.m.----can't get no sleep and feel ratty the next day.
One VERY cool thing last year was the microbrew beer from Bloomington; good stuff.
Oh, I work at the country club. We are hoping the rich folks get by without their paid slave for a few days.
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